NOVAPLAY II – an all-weather sports surface – Acrylic Tough Surface – for Supervised and Unsupervised Recreational & Sports Activities.

NOVAPLAY II is a high perNovaplay_01formance, heavy duty, and tough playing surface. They can stand up to most of the abuse that may be expected of playing areas that are not supervised. It can stand abuse of leather shoes and sandals. This type of surface is designed for asphalt and concrete base recreational areas.

It’s non-glare, non-fading colours are unaffected by extremes in weather or by ultraviolet rays from the sun. It is non-abrasive & non-slippery. It is asbestos free, mercury free and lead free. It is environmentally friendly and needs no maintenance.Novaplay_02

NOVAPLAY II is ideal for basketball, badminton, volleyball, roller skating, in-line skating, skateboards, street and roller hockey, playgrounds, cross walks, golf paths, joggers trails etc. where a tough non-skid surface is required.NOVAPLAY II surface has undergone extensive testing and is the most stable and technically advanced surface in the world. NOVAPLAY II surface has been used at some of the finest schools & colleges in the world.

We supply NOVAPLAY II All-Weather Synthetic Surface in 5 layer combination
Base Coat – 2 coats
Novaplay II – 3 coats
Line Markings – Yes

√   Basketball
√   Badminton
√   Volleyball
√   Tennis
√   Multi-Sport
√   Classic Green
√   Grass Green
√   Nova Green
√   Terracotta
√   Red
√   Burgundy
√   Sand Dune
√   Blue