Since the simple foot races, jumping, discus and javelin events that marked the early Games in Greece, the basic tests of speed and strength have remained a key element of the modern Olympics.

Image_SportsAthAthletics was an integral part of the first Athens Games in 1896, with medals awarded for the 100m, 1,500m, 110m hurdles, marathon, long jump, triple jump, pole vault, discus, shot put and high jump.The International Amateur Athletic Federation was founded in 1912 by 17 national athletic federations.


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NOVATRACK is a high pigmented 100% acrylic polymer filled colored EPDM rubber. NOVATRACK is an all-weather surface system designed for use on New Asphalt or over existing color surface including Latex and SAR Tracks. more…

√   Stadium Lighting
Athletic Equipment
√   Removable aluminium running rails to suit standard 400m track
√   Pole vault boxes and covers
√   Take-off boards assemblies including competition and non-competition infills
√   Pole vault stands, uprights and measuring equipments
Surface – Outdoor
√   Novatrack