James Naismith, a Canadian, invented the modern basketball in 1891, Triangle magazine in Springfield, MA published the rules for basketball in 1892.One of the most popular sports around the world, basketball is a fast-paced competition played by men and women of all ages anImage_SportsBBd ability.The basketball court on the playground or in a gymnasium is rectangular with regulation rims located 10 feet above the ground. A regulation basketball is 29.5 to 30 in (74.9 to 76.2 cm) in circumference and 20 to 22 oz (567 to 624 g) in weight.

The game involves two five-player teams that play both offense and defense. With a few exceptions, basketball games whether they are played informally or in organized leagues follow generally consistent rules that have changed little since the game’s invention in 1891. Games begin with a jump ball at center court; a referee throws the ball up while two opposing attempt to direct the ball to their teammates control. The basic offensive skills of basketball are passing, ball handling, shooting, and rebounding. Defensive skills include guarding opponents, blocking and positioning to defend the basket, using quickness to intercept or steal the ball, and rebounding missed shots.



Our Maple Hardwood Flooring is FIBA/WSF/BWF approved and accredited conforming to MFMA and attached with EN/DIN Test Report. Our flooring has a warranty – minimum “life” of at least 25 years with a finish/polish minimum “life” of 8 years. more…

100% PVC Multilayered EN 14904 approved innovative flooring system for badminton, volleyball, handball, basketball, tennis, gymnasium/health clubs, and multipurpose sports- martial arts, aerobics, weightlifting etc. It is economical, durable and fire-resistant. It comes with a 10 years guarantee and has a “life” of 25 years. more…


NOVACRYLIC is an all-weather surface system designed for asphalt and concrete courts.NOVACRYLIC surface – a 100% acrylic surfacing system – has undergone extensive testing and is the most stable and technically advanced surface in the world. more…

NOVASPORTS also manufacturers NOVAPLAY – an all-weather sports surface – Acrylic Tough Surface – for Supervised and Unsupervised Recreational & Sports Activities. NOVAPLAY is high performance, heavy duty, and tough playing surfaces. This is a high performance, heavy duty, and tough playing surface. more…

√   Four Pole with four 400W metal halide per pole
√   Stadium Lighting
√   Basketball Pole with slam dunk ring
√   Aquaflex III-Water removing roller
√   Basketball Pole with slam dunk ring
Surface – Outdoor
√   Novacrylic
√   Novaplay
Surface – Indoor
√   Maple Hardwood
√   100% PVC Multilayered